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25 April 1975 @ 12:03 am
A New Beginning  
Welcome to the LJ Community dedicated to Kim Jong Kook.

I am the dedicated and insane maintainer of the community, an avid supporter of Kim Jong Kook.
This community will hold all the information I can find on Kim Jong Kook translated into English. Everyone is welcome to join and post comments on other leads they have (which I will happily follow up on.) For friends of this community, I will provide actual mp3s and MVs of his work. So please be active participants! xD

Yes, this is an LJ, so how does navigation work so that this can be a decent fansite?
Each entry will be tagged by a specific tag and those tags will be posted on this entry. For example, if you wanted to search for information on his latest album, you would click on Kim Jong Kook's Fourth Album to get all the related entries. It should be comprehensive, but if not, feel free to comment on this entry. If you have suggestions for a more efficient method of navigation, please inform me. Thank you!

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First Album: Renaissance

Second Album: Evolution

Third Album: This is Me

Fourth Album: 김종국의 네번째 편지 (Kim Jong Kook's Fourth Letter)


Album Tracklists