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01 January 1995 @ 12:06 am
Solo Discography

[04.13.06] 김종국의 네번째 편지 (Kim Jong Kook's Fourth Letter)
[07.01.05] This is Me
[06.18.04] Evolution
[12.13.01] Renaissance


[12.28.05] 김종국 디지털 싱글 (Kim Jong Kook Digital Single)

Turbo Discography

[2001] History
[2000] E-Mail My Heart
[1999] Millennium Turbo Dance Megamix
[1998] Perfect Love
[1997] Born Again
[1997] Summer Remix
[1996] New Sensation
[1996] X-Mas Dance Party With Turbo
[1995] 280 Km/h Speed

Featured In

[2005.12.01] Big4 Of Voices In My Dream - 02 Untouchable
[2004.12.24] 통일염원 Special Album 사랑 (Love) - 01 그날이 오면 (When That Day Comes)
[2004.07.22] 김장훈 - 二色英雄新聞 - 03 고속도로 로망스
[2004.04.23] MC Mong - 180 Degree - 04 그래도 남자니까 (Because I'm Still a Guy)
25 April 1977 @ 12:05 am
Name: Kim Jong Kook (김종국)
Birthday: April 25, 1977
Blood type: A
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Family: Parents, older brother, puppy
Hobbies: Working out, boxing, soccer
25 April 1975 @ 12:03 am
Welcome to the LJ Community dedicated to Kim Jong Kook.

I am the dedicated and insane maintainer of the community, an avid supporter of Kim Jong Kook.
This community will hold all the information I can find on Kim Jong Kook translated into English. Everyone is welcome to join and post comments on other leads they have (which I will happily follow up on.) For friends of this community, I will provide actual mp3s and MVs of his work. So please be active participants! xD

Yes, this is an LJ, so how does navigation work so that this can be a decent fansite?
Each entry will be tagged by a specific tag and those tags will be posted on this entry. For example, if you wanted to search for information on his latest album, you would click on Kim Jong Kook's Fourth Album to get all the related entries. It should be comprehensive, but if not, feel free to comment on this entry. If you have suggestions for a more efficient method of navigation, please inform me. Thank you!

Where to



First Album: Renaissance

Second Album: Evolution

Third Album: This is Me

Fourth Album: 김종국의 네번째 편지 (Kim Jong Kook's Fourth Letter)


Album Tracklists


13 April 2006 @ 02:09 am

01 사랑한다는 말Collapse )

02 너만 모르는 이야기Collapse )

03 편지Collapse )

04 한 사람Collapse )

05 사랑이에요Collapse )

06 고백Collapse )

07 사랑이 아파도Collapse )

08 사랑지기Collapse )

09 그녀를 알아요Collapse )

10 토박이Collapse )

11 첫사랑Collapse )

12 사랑했나봐Collapse )

13 이별도 고마워Collapse )

14 꿈을 향해Collapse )


Don't look back; it's just the start
Don't be afraid; you can do it
Take up the wings of dreams
And run to a brighter tomorrow

[Verse 1]
Go against them even if it doesn't work out as desired
It's not easy; it's something worth doing again
If you fall, charismatically laugh, brush off, and stand up
Don't forget that you're not alone

Straighten your scrunched up shoulders and shout loudly
So that everyone in the world can hear
That this world will remember me
At the end of an overwhelming cry in your heart

I'll be here, right behind you
Don't fall; I trust you
If we can't go back
We can try to go to the very end

Don't look back; it's just the start
Don't be afraid; you can do it
Take up the wings of dreams
And run to a brighter tomorrow!

Don't stop your dreams and let's go now
Just fly high to the sky now
Unfurling your wings of dreams is the start
Even if its difficult, close both eyes
Don't give up and get up again
More cooly (cooly) With more strength (more strength)
You can do it! You can do it!

[Verse 2]

Album: 김종국 4 - 김종국의 네번째 편지
Release Date: April 13, 2006